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Barkha Cardoz

Floyd Cardoz Masalas

A flavor legacy. That is what Barkha Cardoz created after her beloved husband Floyd Cardoz tragically passed away from COVID-19. Barkha partnered with esteemed spice house Burlap & Barrel to make signature blends, Floyd Cardoz Masalas. Says Barkha: “I was certain that if I could get the FC Masalas into people’s kitchens, they would feel Floyd’s love and presence when they cooked.”

For Giving Broadly, Barkha has written a letter to Floyd talking about the journey of making the spice blend and sharing his philosophy: “Never be afraid to try new flavors. There is so much joy in your meal when you cook with an open heart.” It is an honor to publish it; I urge you to read, below. 


Singular Legacy Masalas

The FC Masalas imprint the essence of India on the tongue and bring back memories of one of the most open, big-hearted chefs I’ve ever had the privilege to know. 

Photo Credit: Burlap + Barrel

Floyd Cardoz et al. sitting at a table with wine glasses

Photo Credit: Cardoz Legacy LLC

A Letter From

Barkha Cardoz

Dear Floyd,

These past months have been a learning for me: learning to live without your physical presence, how to reflect inward to find solace, how to walk a new journey while carrying you in my heart.

I spent most of April and May in shock, asking why this had to happen and looking for signs of your presence. I found you in our kitchen, when I cooked “our food” and shared it with family and friends. You showed up in our memories, in laughter amidst tears and in the flavors that comforted us.

I found comfort in our kitchen, too. It was like you were by my side making jokes, teasing me for using a paring knife for everything (I’m sure that still irks you), but also tasting and loving everything I cooked. And I cooked for you—to bring you back home. I knew you were proud that I was back at it, not only feeding our boys, but finding solace for my broken heart, too.

I wasn’t the only one hurting: so many who had felt nurtured by your care were grieving your loss. The only way I knew how to support them was through our common love of food. I was certain that if I could get the FC Masalas into their kitchens, they would feel your love and presence when they cooked, too. You would be in their kitchens, a space that was sacred to you.

I was so nervous to grind and blend those first 800 pounds of spices with Ethan and Ori, wanting to get things perfect for you. But I felt you with us—guiding my hand, nudging me to trust my years of experience and exposure to flavors...and it worked. When we were done, I felt confident and calm. I knew that, all together, we had created a flavor legacy.

The spice blends we started together so many years ago—to make cooking family dinners easier on me, or to give our boys a piece of home when they went to college—are now our gift to the many who miss your flavors or want to bravely try new cuisines. I have confidence they will feel our collective love when they cook with them. I know you are happy and proud. We are walking in your vision, carrying your passion and dreams forward. Like you said: “Never be afraid to try new flavors. There is so much joy in your meal when you cook with an open heart.”

Floyd, you and I were a team. In our 30 years together, I can’t remember a time I was alone. I always had you in my corner, to shelter and guide me with your love and patience. You held my hand, and we walked through life’s twists and turns as one. Now, it’s my turn to do that for us. I will be your voice in this new journey, safe in the knowledge that you are by my side, matching every step I take.


Floyd Cardoz sitting at a table with a plate of food